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DATE: July, 2012

Subjects: Optimus Prime, Roadblock, and Mudflap


Roaring through the desert, a badly damaged Optimus Prime, along with his comrades Roadblock and Mudflap, find several wild vehicles, including a heavily modified tanker truck, a Ford Falcon XB coupe, and a '32 Chevrolet Coupe. "Roadblock, Mudflap. Find new vehicle forms, then report back to me. Understood?" Optimus asks, Roadblock and Mudflap nodding. Quickly assuming their new forms, Roadblock scans the Ford Falcon, becoming a near duplicate of the V8 Interceptor, albeit in red and with gold flames, while Mudflap becomes the Chevrolet. "New forms acquired, Optimus." Roadlbock says quietly, to avoid any undue attention. Meanwhile, Optimus assumes the tanker truck as his vehicle form. The trio then roar off into the desert, in hopes of meeting up with the other Autobots. Out of the corner of his vision, Roadblock eyes an object in the distance. "Eyes right, eyes right! That a 'Bot or a 'Con?" He asks, Optimus looking in the same direction. "Uncertain. Autobots, hit it!" He orders, accelerating to maximum speed, while Roadblock and Mudflap speed ahead. "You hang back, Prime. If it's a Decepticunt, you're in no shape to fight!" Mudflap says, Prime slowing down, eventually stopping. From Roadblock's perspective, the object definitely appears Cybertronian, but is unsure of its origin. "That thing wasn't there yesterday, mate." He says, his voice assuming a more Australian tone, on account of him now being the V8 Interceptor. Approaching the object, it's clear now that it is moving. Fast. "By Primus! It's Megatron! FALL BACK! FALL BACK!" Mudflap orders, the silver-plated 'Bot slamming into reverse, while Roadblock charges forward, dodging Fusion Cannon fire, before transforming and tackling Megatron. "What do you want now, Decepticreep!?" "Oh, the usual, Autobot: Energon, the enslavement of Humankind, and Optimus Prime's head on a Cybertanium platter!" The large Decepticon said, before cackling. "Decepticons, Optimus Prime is weak! Now's our chance to end him, once and for all!" With that, Roadblock transformed, and spun his tires on Megatron's face, before peeling out as fast as he could, passing Mudflap along the way. "Where you going, man?" Mud asked, Roadblock replying simply with "Prime." Upon arriving at the wounded Autobot leader's location, Roadblock transformed again. "Optimus, we gotta go! Megatron is here, and he's coming to ki-" "Megatron is here? This will be his last stand, once and for all." Roadblock, naturally, was alarmed at his leader, and father's, statement. "Prime. Father, you're weak. Going against Megs now would be suicide!" He said, Optimus standing as tall as he could. "My son, when the fate of Humanity is at stake, the foe you are facing must be stopped, no matter the cost. Get Ratchet and Airlift on standby, in case I do fall." He ordered, Megatron drawing nearer. "PRIIIIIME!" The Decepticon leader shouted, turning his right hand into his Energon Mace, Optimus doing the same with his dual swords, while Starscream hovered close to Megatron. "Perhaps if you simply let me shoot him, O Great Megatron, this fight would be over sooner." The Seeker said, Megatron cackling sadistically. "That, Starscream, is why you fail." He said, before clashing with Prime, the sound of Light Energon and Dark Energon connecting resonating for miles all around. From where he stood, Roadblock got Ratchet and Airlift on the horn. "Ratchet, Airlift, Optimus is in trouble. He's wounded, badly, and facing Megatron alone. It looks like Starscream's nearby, too." He said frantically, while the Autobot medic tried to calm him. "Don't worry about Optimus, Roadblock. He'll be alright. Just keep your distance and don't aggravate Megatron more than he is." Ratchet added, Airlift definitely agreeing. "Exactly. The less you interfere, the greater Optimus' chances of succeeding are." Naturally, Roadlbock was absolutely floored, putting his hands on his head. "Did you really just say that? I mean, really? REALLY?! Optimus is badly hirt, and you have the gall to tell me to hang back!?" Roadblock said, before transforming and roaring to the fight... Just to watch Starscream fire his null rays, right into Prime's chest. "NOOOOO!" He said, Megatron cackling as he took off, proudly uttering the following  words: "OPTIMUS PRIME, LEADER OF THE AUTOBOTS, HAS BEEN DEFEATED! ALL GLORY TO LORD MEGATRON!"


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Gordon, just, Gordon
Name: Roadimus.

Height: 22 feet, 3 inches.

Weight: 2.5 tons.

Human name: Gordon.

Faction: None, I have no place in this war.

Gender/sex: Mech.

Age: 36 (Autobot years).

Weapons: One big ass double barrel shotgun.

Parents: Optimus Prime (K.I.A.) and Blackarachnia.

Optic colour: Yellow.

Spark colour: Black, like the charred remains of Cybertron.

Alt-Mode(s): 1973 Ford Falcon XB "V8 Interceptor".

Bondmate/wife: None.

Sparklings: Speedblock.

Friends: Hot rod, Wasp, Bumblebee, Arcee, Flareup, Hot Shot, KITT, Rae and Toxion (sorta).

Theme Song: The Call of Ktulu

Relationship status: Meh.

Siblings: Pursuit, Speedshifter, Skylight (brother-in-law) and Crusader.

Likes: Friends, helping out and teaching.

Special Ability: Able to detect others feelings, even their emotions.

Hates: Losing, Skids.

Motto#1: "You have not power here, with a shotgun shoved down your neck."

Motto#2: "Stay as far away from me as possible, unless you wanna die."

Flaws and Weaknesses: My scarred, weakened mind.

Quote: "I will kill you, with my bear hands, watching you witness your last moments alive."

Secondary quote:"I am Roadimus, go f$!k yourself.

Occupation: Bounty hunter.

Fact about me: I've gone completely insane.

Name's Speedblock, what's yours?

age: 22.

Alt mode: Ford Mustang SVT Cobra R.

Weapons: Railgun, with x12 zoom optic.

Relationship status: Uhh...

Parents: Roadimus.

Optic color: Crimson

Spark color: Crimson

Siblings: none.

Gender: Mech.

Friends: Jazz, Ironhide, Dad, Bumblebee, Moonracer and Rae.

Bondmate: I don't have one yet.

Sometimes, I just feel like ending it all... __________________________________________________________

The name's Airspeed, who're you?

Gender: Mech

Bondmate/wife: Muffin.

Sparklings: Sideways, Thunderblast and Starfire.

Alt-mode: F-22 Raptor.

Weapons: Rockets, machine guns, pretty much anything.

Friends: Starscream, Muffin, Megatron and Shockwave.

Siblings: None.

Parents: Megatron and Echo 1.

Current Residence: Some shithole known as Earth.
deviantWEAR sizing preference: Uh? I'm a robot
Favourite genre of music: Metal.
Favourite style of art: Why?
Operating System: Windows 8
MP3 player of choice: Don't have one
Shell of choice: What kind?
Wallpaper of choice: Which kind?
Skin of choice: The one I have on.

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